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Effective Personalized Psychotherapy Services - in- person, virtual, phone or home visit- We work as a team together to maximize your results.

Life stress reduction solutions is focused on providing the highest quality counselling to individuals and groups. We have a client centered approach that guides clients in addressing and releasing unwanted emotional or behavioral after-effects of challenging life events or traumatic incidents. (PTSD, complicated grief, accidents, assaults, relationship difficulties, sadness, disturbing memories, anxiety, guilt, low self esteem, job/career concerns, health issues, fear of the future and other painful experiences) Whatever the issue, our techniques seek to bring clarity to troubling personal issues.

We refrain from judging, labeling, or evaluating our clients and facilitate each session to a successful end point rather than by the clock. We provide individual (ages 18 years and over) and group counseling services in a safe, confidential environment that is tailored and personalized for you. At times when it is not possible to meet in person we also offer virtual or phone appointments. It is important to understand that it will take time before you begin to feel some of the physical and emotional benefits. Give yourself permission to stick with your counseling sessions and you will notice that positive changes will start to influence all areas of your life.

How many times will we meet? Our first meeting usually lasts approx. 75 minutes. At this first meeting we will determine the goals you wish to pursue in your sessions and the course of treatment / number of sessions your Therapist will recommend. On average we will meet 8-15 times on a regular basis to maximize your results. Some clients will require more sessions depending upon the complexity of their issues. We will review your progress regularly. You can set new goals as needed.

Sessions are set up so that you can gradually look at the painful issues that are negatively affecting your life. Our sessions encourage you to release mental and emotional 'charge' and the overall goal of our work together is to assist you in gaining insights, and empowering you to take control of your life. Your work with us will be focused and effective . You are always encouraged to ask questions.


The confidentiality of personal information shared with our Therapists is the cornerstone of a working relationship. In most circumstances information shared in a session is considered privileged communication and will not be shared with anyone unless the client first provides consent.

There are however, some circumstances that require the disclosure of information. They are as follows:

1. When mandated by provincial or federal law: that is, child abuse/neglect.

2. When there is a serious risk of physical harm to self or others.

3. When specifically ordered by a court of law.

Reduce your stress - improve your health and relationships- feel less triggered by distressing events from your past.

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