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Even a brilliant person when in a state of emotional upheaval, depression or chronic state of anxiety, will be relatively unproductive.

Allow yourself to work through upsetting incidents, unhappiness, or even tragedies that keep your mind & body distracted. Free yourself, so you can become your best, most productive, happier self. 

Life stress reduction solutions is focused on providing the highest quality counselling to individuals and groups. We have a client centred approach that guides clients in addressing and releasing unwanted emotional or behavioural after-effects of challenging life events or traumatic incidents. (PTSD, grief and loss, assaults,accidents, relationship difficulties, sadness, disturbing memories, anxiety, guilt, low self esteem, job/career concerns, health issues, fear of the future and other painful experiences) Whatever the issue, our techniques seek to bring clarity to troubling personal issues.

We refrain from judging, labelling, or evaluating our clients and facilitate each session to a successful end point.

Take time to review & understand

Transform and feel better

Take charge and make decisions

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